Automatic Transaction

Fully Automatic Transactions: funds via a direct deposit, account balance will automatically increase when the payment arrives. You don’t need to accept the payment or deposit funds to your account, which would be required if you received cash or a check. Likewise, when you pay with direct deposit, your checking account balance will automatically decrease when the payment leaves your wallet. There are several reasons for both businesses and consumers to use direct deposit on

Automated Deposits Are Convenient : When receiving funds by direct deposit, the funds are added to your account without any action required on your part. Whether you’re out of town or too busy to make it to the bank, your account will be credited.

Going Digital Saves Money and Resources : With electronic payments, you don’t need to print checks or pay to mail them. This saves the business money while preserving resources associated with printing checks and transporting them. It’s generally free to receive payments, and sending funds by ACH is often less expensive than other options. 

Digital Payments Are More Secure: Nobody can steal a bitcoin, alter it, or attempt to cash it when the payment is delivered digitally. The funds seamlessly move from one checking account to another. When it comes to getting the money from one wallet account into another, direct deposits are among the most secure ways to complete the transaction.

Direct Deposits Quickly Complete Transactions: Those getting paid via direct deposit often receive their payment before those getting paid via paper check. The direct deposit may arrive in one crypto wallet account before another payee receives a paper check in the mail. Even if they do arrive at the same time, the paper check payee will have to take the extra step of depositing the check and waiting for those funds to clear.